The projects on this page are more decorative than functional. Some were done as assignments for the art classes I've taken (Foundations in the Visual Arts [4.301] and Intro to Sculpture [4.322], and Interrogative Design Workshop [4.370]), and the rest are self-generated. Some of the projects on other pages were also started or came from these classes, but fit better in another category.

wisiwyg What I See is What You Get
podium Portable Podium
how it's going How it's Going
clouds Clouds
quarters Roll of Quarters Costume
mural I painted a mural in the hallway.
soda lord face I made a new face for the hall soda machine.
EC shirt I designed the East Campus dorm shirt for 2004/2005.
mortarboard My Mortarboard
burning kusudama Burning Kusudama
videos Short Videos