the light curtain in the dark

My freshman year (2001), I bought a bunch of rope light I put up on the picture rail in my room, but once freshman year was over, I just loaded all of the rope lighting into a box and forgot about it. I thought of installing the lighting in my summer (of 2004) room, which needed more light, but once I saw that there were blank stretches in every strand I knew it would bother me if I did install the lights. I also had many six-pack rings left over from the hammock, along with a closet that had no door. So, I decided to mix all of these things together. I weaved the rope light through a pattern of six-pack rings, and then attached this mass to a curtain rod, to use as a covering for the closet, which had no door. In this more aesthetic use, I think the dead spots are acceptable, although I'd still rather have had working strands. I left it in that room, since I wouldn't have anything to do with a light curtain in my normal room, which already had a different supplemental lighting system, as well as a closet door.

the light curtain with the light on a close up on its structure