the lightbox

I made this light box for 4.322 (Introduction to Sculpture), as part of a project on abstraction. In the art project, I installed the box in an odd corner of the studio that was full of pipes, and drilled small holes in the top of the box, into which I threaded some fishing line, which was then tied to spots on the pipes. The overall effect was to illuminate the pipes from an odd direction, and draw attention away from the architectural oddity into the light. After the box was used in class, I painted the inside of the cover with glow in the dark spray-paint, so that once the light has been shut off the plastic still glowed.

The box was made from a bit of aluminum sheet stock and L-bracket for the corners, as well as some box extrusion to give it some more height and structure, and some U-channel to hold the acrylic top. It was all held together by rivets (with a bit of glue in some spots to keep the pieces from rattling), and some duct tape on the inside to keep light from leaking out. The electrical system is made up of a compact fluorescent bulb, which is in a simple plug light socket, plugged into an extension cord that has a switch in line.