the original record cover the mural design

One day while sitting around in one of the lounges on my hall, I found a record with a great cover on a bookshelf. My hall has a long tradition of painting murals on the walls (there are only a few blank spots left, it's the most "muraled" hall in the dorm), and I knew I wanted to paint one before I graduated. So, I took this album cover as my guide, and scanned it into a computer. Then I used the gimp to manipulate the scanned in image to include a bunch of in-jokes relating to the hall. To view larger images of the cover and the altered version, click on the pictures. Here's a small list of changes:

I painted the mural in about 20 straight hours (no sleep) after finals in the spring term of my freshman year (May 2002). I used acrylics, and a lot of masking tape and pencil, especially on the letters. Interestingly, I found the more organic script letters easier to draw and paint than the sans-serif letters. Since then, the wall that the mural has been on has been abused a bit, but that is to be expected with the kind of stuff that goes on in the hallway.

a closeup of the female figure and the  sheep and the building