me in my roll of quarters costume

For Halloween in 2004, my sculpture professor had us use the class the week before the holiday to make Halloween costumes. After a few seconds of thinking about random objects I could make large versions of, I came to "roll of quarters." So, when the day came to make the costume in class, I brought in some old T advertising signs I had found(nice poster-board), and tape. The tube was two signs in circumference (about 0.75 meters, maybe 30 inches), and four signs tall (maybe 4 feet). After I taped it all together, I noticed it was kind of flimsy, so I got some steel wire that was in the studio and taped it into the rims of the tube, which reinforced it well. Then I covered it in brown paper, cut out arm holes, and taped in some straps to hold it up. For the final touch, I printed out some text on orange paper--every roll of quarters I've seen is printed in orange ink--and cut out the stripes, then glued them on. I wore the costume to a party in my dorm (on 41W).