These are school related projects. I took some major design classes while at MIT: Design and Manufacturing I and II (2.007 and 2.008), Product Engineering Process (2.009), and Product Design and Development (2.739J). I also took a few other classes with design components, such as Elements of Mechanical Design (2.72) and the Mobile Autonomous Systems Laboratory (MASlab, 6.186). My UROP with the Active Joint Brace Project led to my thesis project: designing the brace's user-control interface.

my thesis project My thesis: the hand-held user interface for the Active Joint Brace.
vacpac The VacPac the final product of Team Orange from 2004's 2.009 class.
yoyo Gemini Yo-Yo the class project for 2.008.
the mobile office organizer The Mobile Office Organizer: my team's project for 2.739J.
ankhur's mom Ankhur's Mom my team's robot for 6.186.
hexley Hexley part of 2.72 from Fall 2004.
stirling My Stirling Engine from 2.670, taken over IAP 2002.