me in the dorm shirt the back of me in the dorm shirt

My dorm gets a new shirt every year, and in 2004 I entered a design that was chosen to be the dorm shirt(usually it's for Rush, but in 2004 we had a separate rush and dorm shirt, because there were two good designs). It's based on shapes from two of the large sculptures that are near the dorm. The front of the shirt is the letters EC, for East Campus, made of silhouettes taken from Alexander Calder's The Great Sail, which is just to the west of the dorm, while the back is the name Fred, with letters taken from Louise Nevelson's Transparent Horizons, which is at the northern end of the EC courtyard. I used a vector graphics program (Inkscape, an open source SVG editor, comparable to Adobe Illustrator) to trace the shapes, only tracing over certain pieces in order to give the desired effect, and, since I really like things that glow in the dark, I decided to add a glow-in-the-dark circle design behind the letter shapes on the front.

The Great Sail as an E The Great Sail as a C
the front of the shirt

Since there's more more gnarl and hunks of metal in Transparent Horizons, I had more choice about shapes to use, although it wasn't quite as "pure" of a silhouette as in the EC design. In case you're wondering, the dorm is nicknamed "Fred" because the desk is known as "Fred Desk" which, depending on who you listen to, comes either from a student who worked long shifts, or someone that worked desk before the desk workers were students. I actually did the Fred design first, as part of an idea where we would have two Rush shirts. The Rush theme was superheroes, so thought of having both a hero shirt and a villain shirt. The two rush shirt idea was eventually nixed, and in the mean time I came up with the EC design. At the meeting where the shirt designs were chosen, the EC design was picked as the dorm shirt (there was a more thematic choice for the rush shirt), but people also liked the Fred design, so it got put on the back.

an f in Transparent Horizons an r in Transparent Horizons an e in Transparent Horizons a d in Transparent Horizons
the back of the shirt