my stirling engine

This Stirling Engine is the final project of the introductory Course 2 (Mechanical Engineering in MITspeak) lab class, 2.670. In this class, we learned to use machine tools and CAD modelling software to customize and construct a working Stirling Engine (an external combustion engine). We could hand customize the linkages, as I did on my engine, and also make designs to be cut into a few of the larger parts, such as the flywheel and baseplate, which could then be machined on a CNC mill. Pictures of the two designs I came up with are shown below: one for the flywheel and one for the baseplate (the blue on the flywheel is just to make the design more visible). Due to time constraints, however, I was only able to get the flywheel machined. At the final spin-off, my machine performed in the top 10 out of around 70, if I remember correctly, which at that level is due more to luck in getting well-made prefab parts than to construction skill.

a cad model of the flywheel a cad model of the baseplate