people playing giant Twister

For East Campus Rush 2004, I decided to make a giant Twister game. I came up with a way of putting the four disc-colors in a pattern that would maximize (I hoped) stretching and twisting, and then made the mat. I had other people buy the supplies, and instead of getting a large white or light-colored polytarp or even canvas tarp, I was given a large polypropylene paint tarp. I spray-painted the circles on using a stencil, and if I remember correctly the mat ended up being something like 18 by 24 dots (around 35" by 50"), and I used about 9 cans of spray paint (a little over 2 of each). I also made the spinner for the game out of some paper I had laying around and some foamcore (and a secret nickel in the tip of the spinner to give it some more angular momentum). The game went over really well, however it's popularity also lead to the paint all getting rubbed off, since it didn't adhere well to the tarp. I repainted the mat once, but gave up on it after that. Other people have made versions of the giant twister game for Rush since 2004.

the spinner I made