In the spring of my freshman year (2001), some people from my hall liberated a urinal from a building that was being demolished. So, being industrious, bored, and in the possession of a urinal, I did the natural thing and installed it on hall. I used some surplus wood from the hall woodpile to build a cleat wall to go into a disused shower stall (the shower's controls were broken, resulting in the shower having only hot water after 10 seconds or so). The wall was constructed so it was held in place by friction against a flat wall on one side, and cleats around the step into the shower and the bump-out on the other side, and it was therefore was completely non-destructive. I also went out and bought the necessary plumbing to draw water from the shower head and then drain the waste water into the shower's drain without exposing it to the air. Once it was all hooked up, it worked just as a normal urinal would, with the added bonus of a privacy curtain from the shower.

Eventually, the physical plant heard about the urinal, and they took it down 13 March 2002, for a few reasons. First, the wall was made mostly of oriented stran board, and was thus not up to code, since it could eventually rot due to exposure to water. Also, the plumbing wasn't quite up to code, for some easily fixable reasons (the slope of the drain pipe wasn't steep enough, the drain wasn't sealed). The most important, inflexible reason it was removed, though, was that I was not a member of the plumber's union, and MIT is under a contract stating that all plumbing work must be done by a licensed and bonded union plumber. Luckily, my roommate saw them removing the urinal, and we were able to salvage some of the parts, which have disappeared into the cruft aether after living under my bed for three years.