my teammate wearing the vacpac a cad model of the vacpac

The VacPac was the final project for my 2.009 team in 2004. The VacPac is a wearable, portable vaccine refrigerator, utilizing a battery-powered Stirling Engine. The pack is designed to help extend the cold-chain in vaccine distribution, thus allowing more people to get vaccinated more efficiently. Its primary usage area is in third and second world countries, where there are many towns off of the electrical grid, and thus without access to reliable refrigeration. Besides general engineering and construction, in the finished product I had the most direct influence on the instructional cartoons, the control interface labels (the interface itself isn't shown here; I haven't been able to find a good picture), and the logo. The instructions show the user, in a language-independent way, how to load and unload the pack, as well as how to put the pack on, properly use the battery, and general warnings/safeguards that should be followed in usage. The photo above was taken by my teammate Amy Wong, and the CAD model is from our brochure, available on the 2.009 website.

Since 2.009, a few of my classmates have formed a company around the project, called OneWorld Medical Devices. The device was registered under patent number 20060196215.

vacpac instructions vacpac instructions control panel label don't unscrew icon my 2.009 team