a screenshot of ignorance

These are some videos I made for two of my art classes. The photo at top is a screenshot from a movie I titled ignorance, click on it to open the video in a new window, or right click and save the target to your hard drive. That movie was from my sculpture class (4.322), and was from a project that was supposed to be have something to do with a city. It turned out to be rather abstract, although there is a "city", or at least higher-level, compact structure to it. The movie was made by mounting my digital camera to a small remote controlled robot and driving it through a forest of stuffed pant legs. For me, the action on screen is all about the anticipation of the next movement, and brings up emotions of unease and impatience.

The bottom two videos are from my Foundations class (4.301), and are 90 second shorts, meant to illustrate time going quickly and time going slowly. The video on the left is called fumble, and is the quick one, while the one on the right is Monrovia (the slow one). Interestingly, fumble is staged and edited in many pieces (there were at least 5 cuts and some more audio changes), while Monrovia only has one cut. Also, the phone message in Monrovia is an actual message I got on my phone one day while I was in class.

a screenshot of fumble a screenshot of Monrovia